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mã hóa password

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thanhtuyen Xem Kiểu Thả Xuống
Hình đại diện
Thành viên thứ: 1
Tham Gia: 02/Jan/2007
Đến Từ: Hưng Yên
Trạng thái:
Bài viết: 365
Được cảm ơn: 114 lần trong 42 bài viết
Level: 18




  Trích dẫn thanhtuyen Trích dẫn  Gửi trả lờiTrả lời Chuyển liên kết đến bài viết này Chủ Đề: mã hóa password
    Ngày viết: 31/Dec/2010 lúc 11:17
Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
Imports System.Security.Cryptography

Public Class Xl_Md5
    Public Shared Function Ma_hoa_text(ByVal str As String) As String
        'Imports System.Security.Cryptography

        Dim md5 As MD5CryptoServiceProvider
        Dim bytValue() As Byte
        Dim bytHash() As Byte
        Dim strOutput As String
        Dim i As Integer

        ' Create New Crypto Service Provider Object
        md5 = New MD5CryptoServiceProvider

        ' Convert the original string to array of Bytes
        bytValue = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(str)

        ' Compute the Hash, returns an array of Bytes
        bytHash = md5.ComputeHash(bytValue)

        For i = 0 To bytHash.Length - 1
            'don't lose the leading 0
            strOutput &= bytHash(i).ToString("x").PadLeft(2, "0")

        Ma_hoa_text = strOutput

    End Function
End Class
******* Hãy cùng chia sẻ với bạn bè bằng cách *******
Copy đường link dưới đây, để gửi đến cho bạn bè xem bài viết này !
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lugi Xem Kiểu Thả Xuống
Thành Viên Mới
Thành Viên Mới
Thành viên thứ: 51321
Tham Gia: 08/Apr/2014
Trạng thái:
Bài viết: 67

Level: 3




  Trích dẫn lugi Trích dẫn  Gửi trả lờiTrả lời Chuyển liên kết đến bài viết này Ngày viết: 23/Apr/2014 lúc 22:57

With its modest height , the men feel insecure when standing in front of one partner brings great dignity , strong ? Feeling embarrassed her in front of you " feel " long ? You 're trying to change its height in the fashion style but still not significantly improved ? Your companion , Lugi like to introduce to you the collection giay tang chieu cao - shoes designed specifically for men from Vietnam .
With designs elegant design , luxurious highlights strong personality of men , giay tang chieu cao is an essential accessory for men : gloss black with fine leather material , flowering documents such as snakeskin body in front and behind shoes , traditional rope style , square nose slightly tapered design personality , sure grip soles . Sugar sewing craftsmanship , careful not to leave marks . Height spacers are lining inside helps you significantly higher , but the outside will be very difficult to know you are using the " security context " .

Shoe lift height but is produced in Vietnam but the quality and designs are not inferior to other imported products . From leather , shoe pads , shoe soles are carefully selected . So rest assured when you use our products .
With giay tang chieu cao This , your steps will become more confident and more comfortable . Black simply not easy to combine with colorful costumes , but also a strong masculine and appropriate for your child . Can be combined with a variety of outfits like jeans , trousers , khaki pants ... to go to work down the street with friends , attend important occasions or corporate environments .

Giay tang chieu cao:
• A classic fashion accessory , but it is no less elegant and luxurious ;
• Material is best shoe bearing long though but still not bad ;
• suitable for many styles of fashion ;
• Covering standard design form , fit standard full size embraces feet ...
Show your personality and style of his men by owning one quick height increase shoes go. Quick access to the website lugi hand , there are many options for you!

Sửa bởi lugi - 19/Jun/2014 lúc 21:41
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