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Tuyển: Nhân Viên Kinh Doanh

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jobinfo Xem Kiểu Thả Xuống
Thành Viên Mới
Thành Viên Mới
Thành viên thứ: 9042
Tham Gia: 17/Jul/2009
Đến Từ: Việt Nam
Trạng thái:
Bài viết: 15

Level: 1




  Trích dẫn jobinfo Trích dẫn  Gửi trả lờiTrả lời Chuyển liên kết đến bài viết này Chủ Đề: Tuyển: Nhân Viên Kinh Doanh
    Ngày viết: 08/Sep/2009 lúc 16:56

Giới thiệu công ty: kinh doanh qung cáo  - in n sa chũa máy in ...


Mô tả công việc


- Mi thông tin chi tiết v vic làm tuyn dng s trao đi trc tiếp trong bui phng vn

-Trình độ:THPT


Trung thc, hòa đng

Tuổi 18-25

Số lượng:3


Giới tính: nam/n

Chế độ:


Trao đi c th khi phng vn

Hồ sơ: Đơn xin vic làm.
- S
ơ yếu lý l
- H
khu,chng minh nhân dân và giy khám sc kh
- Các b
ng cp có liên quan.

Hạn nộp: 20/09/2009

Chi tiết địa chỉ nộp hồ sơ và nơi làm việc vui lòng liên hệ 1900599966 (miễn phí hoàn toàn thông tin – chỉ tính cước cuộc gọi).


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alexander2 Xem Kiểu Thả Xuống
Thành Viên Chính Thức
Thành Viên Chính Thức
Hình đại diện
Thành viên thứ: 49000
Tham Gia: 13/Aug/2013
Đến Từ: Somalia
Trạng thái:
Bài viết: 94

Level: 4




  Trích dẫn alexander2 Trích dẫn  Gửi trả lờiTrả lời Chuyển liên kết đến bài viết này Ngày viết: 03/Jan/2014 lúc 13:11
In the event you or I screw as much as the crazy volume that Tiger Forest did just two age range back, thata??s it, sport about. But simply two several weeks following presently being came by TAG Heuer, Tiger Forest and Rolex watch have declared a completely new offer that marks the return of Tiger Forest to very large time endorsement.
It might look Forest isn't any extended radioactive for that business globe which Rolex watch thinks the 35-year-old golfer, which has dropped to 51st on earth because of the very fact he hasna??t won a tournament in virtually two a long time, nonetheless has some fuel remaining whilst in the tank.
¡°Rolex thinks that Tiger Forest even today includes a extended occupation forward of him, that they has each of the features necessary to continue onto mark the heritage of golf. We've been devoted to associated him in the new difficulties."Rolex watch representative
Let's hope these new issues never contain some of the less auspicious ¡®conquests'Tiger is purported to possess manufactured two age range previously.
Like other endorsements that Forest can make there will be no proof by way of glaring logos on golf t shirts, caps, bags or any other gear.
More than the prior 18 several weeks, Forest, 35, has misplaced endorsement contracts with companies for example AT&T Corporation.,replica watches high quality, Accenture Plc,replica rolex watches, and PepsiCo Corporation.a??s Gatorade brand. Even though the 14-time major champion has maintained commercial contracts with Ea Corporation,richard mille watches, Nike Corporation., Upper Deck, Berkshire Hathawaya??s NetJets Corporation., and TLC Vision Corp. on caps, bags or golf items.
Situations are hotting up
Until this newest announcement the very best endorsement Forest had handled to secure within the previous two age range was for any highly ironic Japanese product referred to as Antiphlogistic Analgetic Vantelin Kowa, that is a warmth-rub treatment accustomed to soothe sore muscles and ease discomfort. However for watch fanatics, let alone the warmth rub,replica piaget watches, what watch is he putting on?
However, now situations are beginning to find information about. Woodsa?? agent Mark Steinberg has asserted that the Rolex watch account was the very first of the ¡°couple of massive [endorsementannouncements"including using a business to sponsor Woodsa?? golf bag. AT&T fired him shortly right after his vehicle crash in November 2009,fake rolex watch, now some experts think that tour sponsor Fryscould function as the new title on Woods'golf bags.
Signing with Rolex watch is yet another type of comeback for Forest. He signed an endorsement offer with Rolexa??s Tudor brand in 1997, shortly immediately after turning professional.
Usual for Rolex¡¯s secretive style, the terms in the new offer haven't been revealed.

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tandfo Xem Kiểu Thả Xuống
Thành Viên Trụ Cột
Thành Viên Trụ Cột
Hình đại diện
Thành viên thứ: 53022
Tham Gia: 23/Oct/2018
Trạng thái:
Bài viết: 487

Level: 29




  Trích dẫn tandfo Trích dẫn  Gửi trả lờiTrả lời Chuyển liên kết đến bài viết này Ngày viết: 25/Oct/2018 lúc 19:04
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